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japanese dolls collection.The Black Samurai Online StoreJapanese Traditional Hakata clay dolls and figurines:

japanese hakata figurine fo a dancing princess
Japanese Princess dancing with war helmet OH-168
Very rare antique Japanese Hakata clay figurine of a young princess (Yaegaki Hime) dressed in light pink kimono and golden obi and dancing with war helmet in her hands.
time: around 1930's
dimensions: 43 cm / 15 inches high

Price: US$ 780.00

japanese hakata figurine
Woman with small cage OH-081
Japanese Hakata clay figurine of a lady rising from her knees with a small cage in her hand.
time: around 1960's
dimensions: 27,5 cm / 10 inches high


Japanese doll of a girl with flute, 1970's
Girl playing with flute OH-174
Lovely Japanese Hakata clay doll of a girl playing on traditional Japanese flute
time: around 1970's
dimensions: 35 cm / 14.1 inches high

Price: US$ 325.00

japanese hakata clay doll od a girl with lipstick and mirror
Young Girl with lipstick and mirror OH-164
Lovely Japanese Hakata clay figurine of young girl in light kimono with irises motif.
time: around 1960's
dimensions: 33 cm / 12,9 inches high

Price: US$ 320.00 

Samurai Warrior with sake cup, Hakata Figurine
Samurai with spear and round cup HM-001
Large Hakata figurine of a samurai warrior dressed in formal black kamishimo and green kimono with spear in one hand and large loving-cap in another hand.
time: present-day
dimensions: 41 cm/ 16,4 inches high

Price: US$ 450.00

Japanese Hakata ceramic doll, 1950. The Black Samurai Online Store
Young Lady at play OH-054
Unique clay Hakata figurine of young musician fingering traditional Japanese musical stringed instrument koto. Figurine produced by Kazuyoshi, the famous Hakata artist. Diploma of Japanese Emperor's award.
time: around 1950's
dimensions: 21 cm /8,2" high and 32 cm / 12,5" wide

Price: US$ 495.00

japanese hakata doll
Lady reinstating hairstyle OH-052
Excellent Hakata clay doll of a beauty in finely painted kimono
time: around 1960's
dimensions: 36 cm / 14,1 inches high

Price: US$ 385.00

Hakata clay Sumo wrestler figurine. The Japonic Online Shop
Sumo Wrestler HM-005
Finely modeled Japanese Hakata figurine of sumo wrestler with katana sword and traditional cloth for grand opening
time: present-day
dimensions: 40 cm/15,7 inches high

Price: US$ 420.00

japanese hakata clay figurine, 1950's
Old man with sake OH-112
Very rare Hakata ceramic figurine in the form of an old man sitting with gourd-bottle of sake in one his hand and ceramic sake-cup in the other hand.
time: around 1950's
dimensions: 18 cm / 7 inches high

Price: US$ 410.00

japanese hakata clay figurine, 1950's
Tea Ceremony master with tea-cup OH-103
Hakata ceramic figurine of the founder of Japanese Tea Ceremony Senno Rikyu with ceramic tea cup
time: around 1950's
dimensions: 21 cm / 8,3 inches high

Price: US$ 380.00

japanese hakata doll
Jurojin, one of Seven Lucky Gods OH-140
Very rare Japanese Hakata clay figurine of Jurojin, one of the Japanese Seven Lucky Gods with white stork and stick
time: around 1960's
dimensions: 23 cm  / 9,0 inches high


Noh Theatre Character with mask, clay doll
Noh Theater Character with mask OH-083
Large Hakata ceramic figurine of Japanese Noh Theater Character as Yu-Ya with folding fan in hand.
time: around 1970's
dimensions: 33 cm / 12,9 inches high

Price: US$ 450.00

geisha dancing with mask, Japanese ceramic doll
Geisha dancing with fan and mask OH-135
Attractive Hakata clay figurine of geisha dressed in light kimono and obi belt with butterfly motif dancing with Lion Mask and folding fan.
time: around 1960's
dimensions: 37 cm / 14,5 inches high


geisha in red kimono, Hakata ceremic figurine, 1980's
Dancing geisha with golden fan OH-125
Bright Hakata clay figurine of a geisha in red kimono dancing with golden fan.
time: around 1980's
dimensions: 34 cm / 13,3 inches high


japanese lady in black  kimono jacket, clay figurine, 1960's
Young woman in black haori OH-059
Large Hakata clay figurine of young woman in black kimono jacket haori.
time: around 1970's
dimensions: 45 cm / 14,7 inches high

Price: US$ 610.00


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