kenka kiseru, japanese tobacco pipe and self defense weapon
japanese antique smokimg pipe kiseru with enraved images on the mouthpiece
japanese antique smoking pipe or KENKA KISERU, late Edo era
AC-058 Japanese antique very long  tobacco pipe and self-defense weapon KENKA KISERU

Finely engraved very long and entirely heavy Japanese smoking pipe and at the same time a weapon on man-to man defense kenka kiseru with long bamboo stem.
Lonely small hut with thatch roof at the foot of a mountain and birds on the sky are finely engraved  on brass mouthpiece  and head of this  antique tobacco-pipe and self defense weapon. 
Signed by artist Mitsuhisa
Probably late Edo period

Very good condition except of some age worn.
Pipe length: 30, 0 cm
Pipe weight: 110 grams

Sold, thank you

samurai with smoking pipe, picture on foldinf fan
kenka-kiseru or Japanese smoking pipe and a weapon, detail of engraving
Japanese smoking pipe collection
japanese tabacco pipe
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